Your Membership includes:

Solo or Duet Fitness/Nutrition Guidance Sessions*
Group Fitness Classes (2 free!)
Fitness & Wellness Gift when reserving 2/wk sessions

Let's team up and achieve your goals! Our private, classy, fresh and motivating center boasts a top-notch environment. We've created the place for you to charge up or reboot your power system.

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Together we will so that on your own, YOU can!!

You've found the right team to help you get Fit, Firm and Learn what you can achieve.

Just MY Fitness, Inc. team develops distinct, challenging-but doable systems based on individual goals and needs.

Kathy McClare, World Class Prof'l BB and esteemed Trainer/Coach, along with her exuberant, dedicated team are ready to team up with you!
Get the best guidance and support you need to SURPASS your goals.

*Solo sessions are one client with one trainer. Duet sessions are two clients with one trainer. Specialized fitness/nutrition guidance provided based on individual goals and needs, even if Duet session is chosen. Solo Membership $960 for once wkly session, $1920 twice wkly. Duet Membership $660 if once wkly/per client, $1320 twice wkly/per client. Client seeks training partner or accepts who is chosen by Just MY Fit ness, Inc. Your twice weekly session membership (for Solo or Duet) garners you a cool fitness gift! Memberships are quarterly. If you begin mid-quarter, your membership will be pro-rated for that quarter. When the next quarter begins, your membership will start on that day (Jan 1, April 1, July 1, Oct 1)